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I’ve got news to tell: I’ve published a big stack of my best stories in October 2020.

You heard it here: my new collection MECHANIES AGAINST THE VEIL is out from Wasteland Press, and yes, every story in it is certified, by me, Earl P. Dean, to be an Earl P. Dean story, the very same Earl P. Dean who published A TAILOR MAIDEN’S SECRET, HOVERING BRIGHT, and a few stories here and there in books (HARLAN COUNTY HORRORS), zines (my own: Fanflush, and Orschy’s Gift is Five Bright Stars, and one featuring Wendigo by Bob McKinley) and chapbooks (Kentucky Blue is one), and NOT any other Earl Dean who wrote any other books so far. Read a little more on it in my category My Writings.

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AMAZING STORIES: back in a print edition…

One of my favorite science fiction magazines of ever has finally come back to a printed edition. They ran a successful kickstarter campaign to get in back in print. Get your subscription today; I’m pretty sure it’ll have a different “feel” to the content than it did before some ownership changes (based maybe on their faq at their site?). But I for one am glad it’s back, and I recommend you get your subscriptions in today:

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ConGlomeration 2018 was a blast!

This was a great convention. I enjoyed hearing from the literary and gaming guests at various panels. The guest of honor was Keith R.A. DeCandido, movie tie-in novelist and official Grand Master of the form. He signed a copy of the omnibus edition of his THOR trilogy for me. James Sutter of Paizo was another official guest, and local author Lydia Sherrer was on hand again. I found her panels very thoughtful carefully navigated this year. Alison Skye Richards was outstanding as a fight choreography and weapons specialist– quite honestly the best, most intelligent panels on that subject I’ve attended anywhere. I bought a few books in the dealer room, got started writing a story in a new, unpublished and personally designed mythos, and had a good time. Here are a few books I purchased:

Touch of the Creature, stories by Charles Beaumont: the first edition from Subterranean Press, hardcover, signed by Christopher Beaumont (son of the author).

The House in the Churchyard, novel by J. Sheridan Le Fanu– a nice, old small press hardcover in jacket. An unusual title from the Irishman who wrote ghost stories and novels like Uncle Silas.

Copping Squid and Other Mythos Stories, Cthulhu stories by World Fantasy Award Winner Michael Shea, Perilous Press. Hardback first edition.

The Overneath by Peter S. Beagle. Looked for this one and found it, new in paperback.

This convention is doing very well and getting better every year.

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My Eclipse Experience

The 2017 eclipse had a path of totality that cut across close to my area of Kentucky; in Lexington and Richmond, the sun was occluded by nearly 95%. Our office let us out of work for the afternoon for a viewing; so I went home, and quickly put together a pinhole viewer box. I went outside to an open field that serves as a storm retention basin in our subdivision, and I was able to watch the eclipse as it approached fullness. The image was clear in the viewer; it began for me already at about 1/4 occlusion and within about 10 minutes the sun was cut off by half. At two thirty, our target for full eclipse, all that remained was a narrow sliver shaped like a crescent moon. The real experience for me, however, was in the world around me. The sky did not go dark, which I’d expected. But the day got cooler, and the sunlight that did get through had a cast that I’d never experienced: the air itself seemed tinted with dimness– but it wasn’t like an overcast day. Monday was beautiful and clear, and so the light, if you will, didn’t seem  gray; it was a color I’d not seen, as if it hinted at being blue. It was a rather alien experience I won’t forget. Beyond the all-inclusive light, things got very quiet. The only sound other than a rare, passing car was a single dog barking. The dog seemed like he was on replay: he barked in the same exact way, on repeat, for about a minute, over and over. There’d been other dogs, earlier. But they were silent, now. So that was my experience with the solar eclipse; it seemed awesome in how unusual it was.

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Hovering Bright is now available again…

You could’ve probably found a copy hanging around at an online marketplace dealer, but I did, in fact, renew the 2017 Ingram distribution fee for Hovering Bright. Wasteland Press has re-listed the book under their New Releases on the Wasteland Press website bookstore; because the book is renewed through Ingram, I expect, Barnes and Noble, or most any other bookstore, online or brick-and-mortar that deals with Ingram, could order a copy for you.

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My stories and books are listed in the My Writing Category

I’ve re-named the BOOKS category to MY WRITING. My books and other writing will always be listed on this site. It accommodates my list of short stories and my books. To date my writing has been under a by-line that includes my middle initial: Earl P. Dean. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database has it correct for my short story The Heat Tailor and my letter that appeared in Weird Tales Magazine, but it’s got me as Earl Dean for Hiding Mountain: Our Future in Apples– that’s incorrect compared to my by-line as it appears in the Harlan County Horrors collection– check the contents page of that book to see it’s me, as Earl P. Dean.

I was going to post a related note in the bulletins category, but this website theme doesn’t support off-stream blog posts so there’s not much point. I’ll say it here: I found a book titled Camelot Road on Amazon, and it’s by another writer who goes by Earl Dean. That’s not me; for the record, I didn’t write Camelot Road; it was apparently published in February 2017;  my stories and books are older than that, and with the exception of one story that’s omitted (it was in a regional chapbook, and is now re-written in a state currently unpublished), they’re all listed here under MY WRITING.


-Earl P. Dean

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Finished another novel: thoughts and other information…

I finished reading THE STORE by Bentley Little over the weekend. It was good; I like how he chose not to put a label on the evil in the novel– whatever Newman King is, it’s clear enough he’s a pretty bad egg. The ending is a bit surprising, and that’s a welcome discovery, too. Now I’m moving on to read CRY OF THE ICEMARK, a youth novel by British author Stuart Hill. Fantasy of that sort is a more likely choice for me anyway, but horror can be interesting.

Tonight at 7PM science fiction author John Scalzi will do a book signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. In recent years it has been a regular promotional stop for him. I’ll be there; authors like coming to Lexington for things like this because the town has a strong fan base of readers.

UPDATED: I changed my mind and swerved over to THE DRAWING OF THE THREE, Stephen King’s second volume of THE DARK TOWER series. I’ll read ICEMARK later.